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1/2" Snow-Gun Instruction Manual
For Air Compresors using 8 CFM or higher / above 40 p.s.i.

Preface : Your 1/2" Snow-Gun must have at least 8 C.F.M ( Cubic Feet Per Minute ) and at least 35 - 40 p.s.i of compressed air to produce snow. C.F.M that is less than 8 will make poor snow production per hour and/or almost be impossible to make snow. Please do not attempt to modify your snow-gun in any way or problems might occur. Remember there are NO refunds.

Part 1 : Set-Up Precedure

When ready to make snow do the following precedures

1. ) Connect your water hose and air hose to your snowgun. ( Both valves on gun should remain to the off position ).

2. ) Turn on water supply from water hydrant.

3. ) Plug the air compressor in and turn on your compressor. ( Be sure regulator is closed. Let the tank fill up to the desired pressure from the reading on your tank ).

4. ) After tank reaches full p.s.i, open the regulator up all the way.

5. ) You should not be hearing any compressed air coming out of the snow-guns nozzle.

6. ) Open the air valve from the snow-gun to the on position.

7. ) You should now be hearing compressed air coming out of the snow-gun.

8. ) Start turning the water valve from the snow-gun on, do this slowly. You must have a fine mist, not heavy mist. Do this precedure until you see a fine mist. ( The colder it is, the more water flow you can use which = more snow per hour )!

9. ) Be sure that the air p.s.i is not higher than your water p.s.i. If so, air would hold back the water thus no water will be coming out of the nozzle. If this happens cut back on the air p.s.i.
- End of Part 1.

Part 2 : Shut-Down Precedures

When your ready to shut-down, do the following precedures :

1. ) Turn water valve to the off position from the snow-gun.

2. ) Disconnect water hose from the water hydrant.

3. ) You must drain the excess water out from the water hose to prevent a freeze-up. Open the water valve from the snow-gun all the way to the on position, DO NOT
place your finger over the nozzle. Use another object to do this. Place an object over the nozzle and do this for about 45 seconds.

4. ) Shut the water valve from the snow-gun to the off position, and shut the compressor down.

5. ) Let all the air drain out of the tank, then shut the regulator off. After all the air is drained,shut the air valve off from the snow-gun.

6. ) Disconnect water and air hose from the snow-gun.

Part 3 : Freeze-Ups

Freeze-up problems are very common and the most effective problem when making snow. One can find a freeze-up in the airline. One can find a freeze-up in the water line. ( Not common ). Humidity can cause freeze-ups in the airline only, not the water line. Remember in Part 2, #3 I said to drain the excess water from the water hose by blowing compressed air into the water line. If a freeze-up occurs while the snow-gun is in operation, you will notice "spitting" from the nozzle. Quickly follow Part 2. It's very important that you must disconnect everything from the snow-gun. To decrease freeze-ups from the airline, we sell air-filters that install on your compressor. You will also need a 1/4" male adapter that will also be needed for the compressor. An adapter will be included with the filter. The filter will fit only this size : 3/8". So if you are using a 3/8" air hose, the filter will install on your compressor properly. Filters get rid of the condensation another words gets rid of humidity or moisture.

Part 4 : Cautions, Warnings, Dangers

1. ) !!Caution!! - Try not to leave the compressor run for a long period of time unless it's rated 100 % duty.

2. ) !!!Warning!!! - Do not stand directly in front of nozzle while the snow-gun is in operation. Injury may occur.

3. ) !!!!Danger!!!! - Never disconnect any hoses while the snow-gun is in operation. Serious injury will likely occur.

4. ) !!!Warning!!! - If any hose is worn down/rotted, replace it immediately.

5. ) !!Caution!! - Make sure you have a secured stand to hold your snow-gun. Insecure stands may cause your snow-gun to "crash" to the ground and break.

Part 5 : Conditions

To produce quality snow you need wetbulb temperatures 28F or below. Humidity is what determines the wetbulb temperature. For example it is 36F outside and the humidity is 30 %. The wetbulb would be around 25F. You should be able to make snow because the wetbulb temperature is < 28F. We all know water freezes at 32F. In Physics theres no such thing as cold. Theres only heat; more heat or less.

Part 6 : Abbreviations

- P.S.I = Pounds Per Square Inch.
- Bar = Barometric Air Pressure.
- kPa = Kilopascals.
- In/Hg = Inches of Mercury.
- Mb = Millibars.
- hPa = Hectopascals.
- In. = Inches.
- mm. = Millimeters.
- m. = Meters.
- cm. = Centimeters.
- sq.ft = Square Feet.
- C.F.M = Cubic Feet Per Minute.

Part 7 : Contact
To contact us, use the following methods :

Telephone : ( 724 ) 684-6660

E-Mail :

Mail : 1556 Shrader Avenue
Monessen, PA 15062

Remember questions are appreciated!

Have Fun !

C.W.S Snowmaking Technologies.