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3/4'' Snow-Gun Order Form.
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Name :
Age :
Air C.F.M :
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Quantity :1
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Price : $ 95.00 Each. [ Shipping Included ].

F.Y.I : Our 3/4" snow-guns need compressed air pressures above 45 p.s.i and C.F.M @ 14 or higher. Please note that this snow-gun operates using a standard water hose (5/8") which needs to be converted into an air hose. A total of 2 5/8" air hoses is needed for this new snow-gun design. And one water hose (5/8") for the water source. A picture will be showed below to show you what it will look like. Remember any questions are appreciated. To that end, 2 5/8" air hoses need to be combined for this snow-gun and 1 standard water hose will be needed for the water entry.

Pay To :

Chad Solomon
1556 Shrader Avenue
Monessen, PA 15062


Shown at right, the 2 5/8" air hoses connections.

Shown at left, the water hose to the water adj. valve.