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For 2 compressors delivering at least a total of 14 CFM @ 45 p.s.i.

Preface : Our 3/4" snow-guns operate using (2) water hoses that need to be converted into (2) air hoses that are 5/8" diameter. A standard water hose (5/8") is needed for the water supply. Remember 2 air compressors are needed and a total of 3 water hoses; 2 for air lines and 1 for water line are needed for this snow-gun.

Part 1 : Set-Up

1.) Connect water hose to water hyrant then connect water hose to snow-gun. ( Make sure water valve is losed ).

2.) Connect water hoses aka air hoses up to the snow-gun.

3.) Turn on ater from hydrant.

4.) Turn compressors on; make sure regulators are closed.

5.) After tanks fill with desired pressure, open the regulators. ****DO NOT EXCEED AIR PRESSURES BEYOND 45 P.S.I. THIS COULD CAUSE BURSTING IN THE HOSES UNLESS RATED FOR HIGH PRESSURES****

6.) Open the water valve slowly until a fine mist is visible.

Part 2 : Shut-Down

1.) Turn water valve off from snow-gun, then turn water off from hydrant. Disconnect water hose from hydrant only.

2.) Open the water valve all the way; drain the water hose by plugging the nozzle with a piece of object, NOT with your finger! Do this precedure for about 45 seconds. Then shut off water valve from snow-gun.

3.) Turn off compressors.

4.) After tanks are drained disconnect air hoses from snow-gun.

5.) Disconnect hoses from compressors and disconnect water hose from sno-gun.

Part 3 : Pre-Cautions.

1.) Never ever disconnect air hoses when under pressure.

2.) Replace hoses immediately if dry-rotted or worn.

3.) If compressors are not rated for 100% cont. duty, do not leave your compressors run for a long period of time.

4.) Stay clear of nozzle when in operation.

5.) Do not modify/change the snow-gun in any way.

6.) Teenaged young adults under the age of 18 should be supervised by an adult.

7.) Never ever leave snow-gun unattended/run when no-body is home.

8.) Use common sense when operating the compressors and the snow-gun.

Part 4 : Feeeze-Up Potential.

If a freeze-up should occur, follow part 2 (shut-down) quickly. Freeze-Ups occur about 20% of the time when using 5/8" air hoses compared to 70% of the time when using standard 3/8" air hoses.

Part 5 : Contact Information.

If you have a question, use one of the following methods :

-- Telephone : (724) 684-6660.

-- E-Mail : ( 3/4" snow-gun for subject ).

-- Yahoo! Messenger : cws179