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Want to know how to make snow ? Take water and mix with compressed air. Pretty simple right ? Not really. First of all you have to build a snowgun that mixes air and water correctly. Or you can just complete the order form and we will build you one. The most common types are a "T" gun and a "Y" gun. When building a snowgun, keep in mind that you must have a mixing chamber. Now whats a mixing chamber ? A mixing chamber is before the nozzle, it is where the air and water meet and mix then launched out a nozzle. Ususally a mixing chamber is no longer than 1.5 inches long. The next ingrediant is air. You must supply the compressed air from an air compressor. Well how much air do I need ? You need at least 4 C.F.M of air @ 40 P.S.I or higher. Remember the higher the C.F.M the better snow production per hour. Buy an A/C that wont break down on you. A/C's start from $ 150.00 dollars each. Electric air compressors or oil lube compressors will work. We use electric compressors. The best place to store your compressor is in a closed area like the basement, etc. Do not let the A/C get wet!!

So remember these key things :

You must have an A/C of 4 C.F.M or higher.

You must have water pressures above 40 P.S.I.

Low Humidity Levels.

If you want to order a snow gun from us, complete the order form.