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Welcome To Our C.W.S. Snowmaking Technologies!


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???? Some Good Things To Know During The Cold Season ????

If you have a basement, shut the water off leading to the outside hydrant to prevent a freeze-up.

Always have some insulation in handy for wrapping up
pipes, air lines, etc.

This one is a must. Always make sure that you drain out
your water hose after making snow. Drain out the hose
by blowing compressed air to prevent a hose freeze-up.

After your finished making snow, always disconnect the water and air hoses.

Dont just have one air hose in handy. Have a few air hoses incase one air hose freezes up.

Do maintance on your A/C and snowgun once a week.

Always wrap teflon tape on your pipe fittings.

Keep your gun or guns in a secure place so nobdoy bothers with them or steals any because there are many assholes in the world today.

Have a stand to hold your gun in a secure fasion. A tripod would be best like the one we have.

Optional but you shouldnt leave your A/C running outside. Some neighbors might complain.

We follow these simple steps and had no problems.